Friday, November 21, 2008

Invasion: Normandy Fall-In 2008

Allied paratroops crack Fortress Europa. (Is that kid serious about that snack or what?)

Looking down the French street as their rescuers come from the sky.

If I could photoshop the sky in where the ceiling is this would be a great shot!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Sudan or 'Gorden Gets His!' Fall-In 2008

These are photographs of a game based in 1885 in the Sudan. I can't tell you what rules set,but the gentleman running it was also the guy who made and sold the flags. The game itself was beautiful as you can see and was right across from my Somme game.

Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Regimental Fire & Fury at Fall-In 2008 pt 1

Federal troops approach an abatis.

Billy Yank defends his vittles.

The pride of the Confederacy gives 'em hell.

Looking down the Union lines.

Regimental Fire & Fury at Fall-In 2008 pt 2

Johnny Reb defends the trenches of New Market Heights as the 'colored' troops prepare to assault the position. In real life they swept the barricades of Hood's elite troops!

The left of the Confederate line. The open ammo chests in the foreground marks that regiment as Low Ammo.

Across the abatis, Federal troops charge home!

The Federals emerge from the forest into the swath that had been cleared by Rebels. A perfect killing ground for the good ol' boys.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Nieuw Spel Spiel Giant DBN Game Fall-In 2008

The Emperor himself, Bob Beattie, wearing the uniform of his beloved Red Lancers makes fun of the length of *our* most beloved members with co-generals Frank and Colin, in an effort to make us feel inferior. Ha Ha! The joke's on him as he's tripling my attributes!

Fanaticus' very own Imperator surveys his creation with his usual calm demeanor which belies his ferocity in battle.

Colin and Spencer have their French columns ready to enter this little section of Belgium. They came for the waffles but stayed for the beer.

Initial positions. John Manning's Austrians are poised for the race into Nieuw Spel, while my Brits with German allies make ready to defend the walled farms to his right. Ted Galaci's British and Chris Brantley's Brunswickers ready to enter the board on bound one. Frank's French, along with the Grand Battery are in the French center and itchin' for a fight.

The Austrians have seized the village just ahead of the French! (On the most important roll of the game, the Allies got to move first.) Herr Manning, luck is the most important attribute of any good general, now get those Grenadiers into position!

Our spyglasses see troops in the distance. But are they friend or foe?

Tally ho! The damnable French are sending 2 columns towards Wellington's finest! Now, now. Stiff upper lip lads, what?

Spencer's French are spied by advance scouts moving towards the Allied right.

My Dragoons and Hussars lead a column of Nassauers and Hanoverians into the fray. The Hanoverians would bravely defend the farm on the left for a victory point. Um... it helped that no one fired on them.

Most of my foot deployed. The 92nd Gordon's wouldn't even fire a shot this day. The Brunswickers weren't all that bummed about that.

Ted's Brits head off to defend Nieuw Spel.

Spencer's batteries in action.
An overview of the battle, looking from behind the Allied positions. On the far right, you can see mt Birts w/ German allies deploying against the massed might of Colin's and Spencer's French columns. Spencer's French are the closer of the two columns. Center left sees Ted Galaci's Brits racing to intercept Frank's right elements and Chris' Brunswickers crossing the bridge. The Old Guard trudges unwaveringly to meet whatever the allies throw at them. John and Frank continue the 'knife fight in a phone booth' that Nieuw Spel has become.

Spenser's and Colin's columns continue to advance through the walled farms to meet my Brit's /Germans. Notice the Grand Battery in operation on the hill and the French concubines grazing in the fields.

Spencer's cavalry forms up to meet the expected charge. We hope to catch the infantry unawares in egress from the farm.

My Hussars finally charge home! Spencer's infantry were able to form square and easily repulse my charge. To make matters worse, his batteries cut down my Dragoons, so his Carabinier were able to close the door on my beloved Hussars and beat them all the way to death!

Spencer Ginder's "Heroes of the Revolution'. These two batteries took out my skirmish cavalry, who was screening the the rest of the cav, then took out my beautiful dragoons before they even drew cold steel.

John Manning's Austrians guard the flanks of Nieuw Spel.
Colin's cavalry (my figures) deploys with the Chassuers flanked by Hussar Skirmishers and Carabinier Heavy cav. His artillery continues along the road behind them and further back is the baggage train.

Here's a shot looking over Chris' Brunswickers at the Old Guard/Brunswick cavalry melee. Those Grenadiers look imposing!

Final positions on the Allied left. The Old Guard have been fully commited and Ted's Brits race to support Chris' Brunswickers. Frank's French still hold the upper left quadrant of Nieuw Spel. Unfortunately time ran out on all of us.
What a great game and thanks to Chris for putting it on for us, although it took everyone to make it such a success. I think some thoughts for next time are to increase the time to 4 hours instead of three to do this type of 'giant' battle, or do a Matched Pair format for a regular tournament. If I had my druthers though, I would opt for the Giant version. There is already talk of Penninsular action at Cold Wars. I wanna be Sharpe as he always gets the hot Spanish chick.

Friday, October 3, 2008

DBA Battle, Part 1

Last night saw a DBA game between myself and a friend John Brock. John has only played a few games of DBA but likes it and we gave it a go last night.
The game pitted the unhistorical match-up of Papal Italians vs. Ghaznavids somewhere in Italy around 1150AD. The Papists had 3 knights, one of which was the general, 3 spears, 2 xbows and 3 psiloi and 1 horde. The Ghazis had 3 jumbos, one the general, 3 cav, 2 spears, 2 bows, 1 psiloi and 1 light horse. Real men take elephants.
John defended and set up pretty symmetrical terrain with a road bisecting the map and a wood on either side. I set up with my ellies and cav on the right and hoped to smash into his knights and end the game quickly but was seduced by his movements on my left and started playing 'his' game. I finally broke his spell and went to work in the center.
It was about this time that I remembered I have a camera and the following is a few pictures of what transpired in the middle to end of the game.

DBA Battle, Part 2

The venerable, inestimable, and all around good guy, John Brock smiles impishly as he plots my DOOM!Here you can see the bad position in which I put myself. My Spear and Bow caught with nary a PIP as I have to use them all to control my center. You can see John's Knightly contingent in the center ready to pounce. To the left is his Psiloi supported Spear wall, and between are the brave volunteer Bows who did muck things up quite a bit until my general had had enough and charged them and trampled them to minced meat. Note also how I fouled up my line further by getting a cavalry stuck behind the Bows. So much for my left maneuver element! At this point I was down 0-2 after bad things happened when elephants recoil!The usually unperturbable Mr. Brock does his best Captain Queeg as he frantically searches for answers to the dilemma facing him.

DBA Game, Part 3

The opposing lines, mid-game. To the far left you can see my Light Horse dancing with his Psiloi and an element of his bows harrassing one of my elephants. This is just before our centers charged each other; he with 1 Bow and 3 knights, 1 his General, and me with 2 elephants, including my general, and 2 Cavalry. The end result was his loss of 2 Knights and the Bow as my jumbos quick kill everything he had there; and my loss of 1 cav. Unfortunately I was too excited to remember to take pictures! I was really in trouble but John rolled a 1, then a 2 for PIPs and I was able to come out ahead. My Bow are still sitting on the road being too PIP-shy to advance.The Popemobile, 11th century style! Hordes of faithful pilgrims prepare to sell their lives to protect it, while priests pray for their souls.After the clash in the center, wherein one element of knights were destroyed, the Papist General leaves the other Sicilian Volunteers to their own fate; namely to be smashed into jelly under the feet of Ghazi jumbos!

DBA Battle, Part 4

What we're fighting for! A view out of the Ghaznavid camp and the precious water supply. At center right you can see my elephantry about to dispatch some Sicilian Norman volunteers.Set up for the final battle, mano a mano, as the two generals stare across the field at each other. Just out of the picture on the left, I maneuvered my Bow (finally) to take a pot shot at his extreme right to maybe disrupt his line, until I had enough PIPS to smash home with my El (Gen).The Anti-Climax! After all the maneuvering, posturing, and all-around setting up for the end-game, it all ended on a 'What the hell, I might as well take it" shot, when some lonely Psiloi forgot the rule about Not Being Seen! (Note: the PS was -1 due to my 'helper' for a total of 7-3.) Final score Ghaznavids 4, Papal Italians 3, in a very exciting game.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A repost.
The heroes of Quatre Bras, the 92nd foot, Gordon Highlanders.
More Gordon's.
A shot from a recent solo game. Marshal Ney surveys the battlefield. Brunswick militia occupy the farm house ahead.
British Guards

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Some German Guns.
The Big Kahuna, the 88mm, the most feared gun in WW2. Behind it is the tractor which towed it, the SdKfz 7

From left to right:
3.7cm PaK 35/36,
15cm (that's big!) sIG33,
7.5cm leIG 18

Staff car behind.