Friday, October 3, 2008

DBA Battle, Part 1

Last night saw a DBA game between myself and a friend John Brock. John has only played a few games of DBA but likes it and we gave it a go last night.
The game pitted the unhistorical match-up of Papal Italians vs. Ghaznavids somewhere in Italy around 1150AD. The Papists had 3 knights, one of which was the general, 3 spears, 2 xbows and 3 psiloi and 1 horde. The Ghazis had 3 jumbos, one the general, 3 cav, 2 spears, 2 bows, 1 psiloi and 1 light horse. Real men take elephants.
John defended and set up pretty symmetrical terrain with a road bisecting the map and a wood on either side. I set up with my ellies and cav on the right and hoped to smash into his knights and end the game quickly but was seduced by his movements on my left and started playing 'his' game. I finally broke his spell and went to work in the center.
It was about this time that I remembered I have a camera and the following is a few pictures of what transpired in the middle to end of the game.

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