Monday, November 10, 2008

Spencer Ginder's "Heroes of the Revolution'. These two batteries took out my skirmish cavalry, who was screening the the rest of the cav, then took out my beautiful dragoons before they even drew cold steel.

John Manning's Austrians guard the flanks of Nieuw Spel.
Colin's cavalry (my figures) deploys with the Chassuers flanked by Hussar Skirmishers and Carabinier Heavy cav. His artillery continues along the road behind them and further back is the baggage train.

Here's a shot looking over Chris' Brunswickers at the Old Guard/Brunswick cavalry melee. Those Grenadiers look imposing!

Final positions on the Allied left. The Old Guard have been fully commited and Ted's Brits race to support Chris' Brunswickers. Frank's French still hold the upper left quadrant of Nieuw Spel. Unfortunately time ran out on all of us.
What a great game and thanks to Chris for putting it on for us, although it took everyone to make it such a success. I think some thoughts for next time are to increase the time to 4 hours instead of three to do this type of 'giant' battle, or do a Matched Pair format for a regular tournament. If I had my druthers though, I would opt for the Giant version. There is already talk of Penninsular action at Cold Wars. I wanna be Sharpe as he always gets the hot Spanish chick.

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