Friday, October 3, 2008

DBA Battle, Part 4

What we're fighting for! A view out of the Ghaznavid camp and the precious water supply. At center right you can see my elephantry about to dispatch some Sicilian Norman volunteers.Set up for the final battle, mano a mano, as the two generals stare across the field at each other. Just out of the picture on the left, I maneuvered my Bow (finally) to take a pot shot at his extreme right to maybe disrupt his line, until I had enough PIPS to smash home with my El (Gen).The Anti-Climax! After all the maneuvering, posturing, and all-around setting up for the end-game, it all ended on a 'What the hell, I might as well take it" shot, when some lonely Psiloi forgot the rule about Not Being Seen! (Note: the PS was -1 due to my 'helper' for a total of 7-3.) Final score Ghaznavids 4, Papal Italians 3, in a very exciting game.

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