Monday, November 10, 2008

Nieuw Spel Spiel Giant DBN Game Fall-In 2008

The Emperor himself, Bob Beattie, wearing the uniform of his beloved Red Lancers makes fun of the length of *our* most beloved members with co-generals Frank and Colin, in an effort to make us feel inferior. Ha Ha! The joke's on him as he's tripling my attributes!

Fanaticus' very own Imperator surveys his creation with his usual calm demeanor which belies his ferocity in battle.

Colin and Spencer have their French columns ready to enter this little section of Belgium. They came for the waffles but stayed for the beer.

Initial positions. John Manning's Austrians are poised for the race into Nieuw Spel, while my Brits with German allies make ready to defend the walled farms to his right. Ted Galaci's British and Chris Brantley's Brunswickers ready to enter the board on bound one. Frank's French, along with the Grand Battery are in the French center and itchin' for a fight.

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