Monday, November 10, 2008

An overview of the battle, looking from behind the Allied positions. On the far right, you can see mt Birts w/ German allies deploying against the massed might of Colin's and Spencer's French columns. Spencer's French are the closer of the two columns. Center left sees Ted Galaci's Brits racing to intercept Frank's right elements and Chris' Brunswickers crossing the bridge. The Old Guard trudges unwaveringly to meet whatever the allies throw at them. John and Frank continue the 'knife fight in a phone booth' that Nieuw Spel has become.

Spenser's and Colin's columns continue to advance through the walled farms to meet my Brit's /Germans. Notice the Grand Battery in operation on the hill and the French concubines grazing in the fields.

Spencer's cavalry forms up to meet the expected charge. We hope to catch the infantry unawares in egress from the farm.

My Hussars finally charge home! Spencer's infantry were able to form square and easily repulse my charge. To make matters worse, his batteries cut down my Dragoons, so his Carabinier were able to close the door on my beloved Hussars and beat them all the way to death!

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