Friday, October 3, 2008

DBA Game, Part 3

The opposing lines, mid-game. To the far left you can see my Light Horse dancing with his Psiloi and an element of his bows harrassing one of my elephants. This is just before our centers charged each other; he with 1 Bow and 3 knights, 1 his General, and me with 2 elephants, including my general, and 2 Cavalry. The end result was his loss of 2 Knights and the Bow as my jumbos quick kill everything he had there; and my loss of 1 cav. Unfortunately I was too excited to remember to take pictures! I was really in trouble but John rolled a 1, then a 2 for PIPs and I was able to come out ahead. My Bow are still sitting on the road being too PIP-shy to advance.The Popemobile, 11th century style! Hordes of faithful pilgrims prepare to sell their lives to protect it, while priests pray for their souls.After the clash in the center, wherein one element of knights were destroyed, the Papist General leaves the other Sicilian Volunteers to their own fate; namely to be smashed into jelly under the feet of Ghazi jumbos!

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