Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New painting technique

Hey Group - I tried a new painting technique the other day involving minimalist painting covered with Citadel Ink Washes. After a few experiments, I discovered I liked the Ogryn Flesh color the best, but used Badab Black for the armor. The first pic shows the difference and how the two look on the same figure. Essentially the technique involves a white primer, and in my case, a quick dab of color on clothes and accoutrements, then the wash. On these guys I painted the hair after, and viola, done! I ususally spend an hour per stand to paint and an hour per mounted figure, or 3 hours per stand for cavalry. Using this method I painted *and* based 16 elements (64 dudes) in 3.5 hours!!! I am extremely happy with the results, if not the photos. They look much better in person. Now all those armies I didn't want to paint have suddenly jumped into the queue!

Chinese crossbowmen, painted in about 10 minutes from start to finish.