Monday, February 24, 2014

Flames of War Infantry Aces 500 point battle: FJ vs. Maori! The Campaign begins.

 Started my first ever FoW campaign February 21st at Legions Hobbies. In fact, this would be only my second game of FoW in about 8 or 9 years. It was my Fallschirmjaeger Platoon (and I do mean platoon) vs. Rich "The Diceman" Baier's Maori Company. The scenario diced for left me with only one platoon on board to cover a 4 foot board and protect two objectives. I had to stretch across the board and begin Dug In. I knew the forward objective would be the key. Here's a shot of the objective in the Italian village.

Here's my left flank anchored in the ruins of a church. All my teams, excepting the two mortars were rifle/MG teams so even though I had few troops they promised to pack a wallop. And being Dug In, they were going to be extremely difficult to root out.

 Here's a shot looking down my extended line, right to left. You can see the objective I placed, as far back as the rules allowed!

 The Maori set-up. They also had two mortar tubes but of the slightly larger variety. Damn but Fearless veterans are expensive! This NZ platoon had 11 teams! It would prove one too many.

 Rich's right platoon crosses the stream and occupies my left, forcing us to 'stay at home' lest he do something sneaky. Our right side can see those bastards but need to shoot elsewhere with the dug in FJ's seen here.

 Why don't they just whack that cocky Ami tagging in the streets? What the fuck?

 After some uneventful shooting, Rich's platoon crosses the stream and gives my observation post the pointy end. Our anchor has lost it's mooring.

 Rich continues to put pressure on my center and driving on my right. My mortars continue to fire wieners at his troops. I should have used smoke here. Even with two 81mm tubes I coulda laid a template of smoke on his 120's. Rich consolidates in the woods and immediately un-pins after the assault. Unfortunately I do not.

 Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

 The Maori's get some payback. Even though we're still pinned, defensive fire whacks two teams and Rich loses the assault. Unfortunately for the second turn in a row, I roll a '1' to counterattack and sit there with my thumb up my ass. The Maori's didn't even need to do their 'hokey-pokey' dance to scare us away; we were plenty scared as it was.

 Turn three and on the first chance available, my other platoon arrives! But Rich has LOS and it'd be stupid to try to double-time under that firepower. Then they fail their Stormtrooper move, leaving them too far away to assault the objective. I just need to hold on one more turn. Rich's platoon has taken 5 losses! (Goddamn 11 team platoon!) I just need one more to force a MC and potentially overrun them.

 I'm forced to bring up my CinC and 2inC just to add some firepower. Oops, then they immediately pin by attaching to the platoon and only get one die apiece.

 Up and at 'em. With three dice I get three hits! All Rich has to do is fail one save and I force a MC and probably win! Even if he passes, he'll be pinned after the assault and my reinforcing platoon is going to munch his ass!

He made them all... Sigh... they don't call him 'The Diceman' for nothing.

 Game over man, in case you were keeping score, we just got our asses kicked.

Yeah, just sit back there, you douchebags.