Monday, August 31, 2009

Scots and shots

These are the Scots from Museum Minatures painted for the Bishop's War/ECW period, including Montrose's boys.

Their bums. Tartans were not official at his time but there still was a bit o' plaid.

Landesknecht shot. More Museum Miniatures.

A rear shot of the same dudes. Gots lot more to do.

Samurai Part 1

I just finished about 600 DBR points worth of Samurai, which will also give me several DBA-RRR armies as well. The figures are almost all Two Dragon but there are a few Peter Pig thrown in. The C-in-C, Takeda Shingen, I think, is Essex.

Another general element.

Samurai cavalry. I did not paint the dudes with the banners, I bought them from a private seller.

Another angle.

Close up of the banners. I am told they are family names.

Samurai Part 2


Close up of same.

Ashigaru spearmen.

Ashigaru shot.

Ashigaru bum shot.

Samurai Part 3

Blades. The pose insures that they will never line up correctly.

Warbands and Hordes. Beware the peasant with a mallet and a bad attitude.

Finally, the Taiko camp.

Camp, other angle.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A bit of the old DBA.

Played 3 games of DBA, Dark Ages style, last night with Joe Dragovich, the winner of our Stooge -Con Open tourney. Joe had some beautifully painted Scots-Irish and Viking armies, so I brought Vikings, Wends and my new Sub-Roman Brits. We ended up playing three game with 2 out of the three being real nail-biters which we split. The other game was a disastrous littoral landing where his entire landing force was wiped out. The game Joe did win, he won without his general for the last 4 bounds and won 4G-3G!
His armies are beautifully painted and he was selling them as he is leaving for Durham University this fall. I say 'was' because the Scots-Irish are already taken and I had to jump on those beautiful vikings.
Anyway, all I had was my phone, so these aren't the greatest pictures and there's no putting together a meaningful AAR with the few I took. Hope you enjoy anyway. Here Joe contemplates my doom!

A close-up of the gorgeous Scots-Irish chariot wing.

The ill-fated auxilia landing on a lovely Norse beach. A lesson learned. Aux vs. Blade = Bad. (We played 2 out of 3 games with littoral armies and both times the sea was directly in my backfield and those were the two games I won. Goofy game.)

Some DBA 8-17-09

Wendish Cavalry look across the field at the Scots-Irish charioteers. The Wend archers have their toe in bad going thus hindering the Sots-Irish advance.

Scots-Irish auxilia scale the steep hills. You can always tell an Irishman. (You just can't tell him much!)
A better shot of the action as the chariots try to close with the Wends and they, in turn, are happy to have them run the gauntlet.

These are actually the backs of the Sub-Roman Brits so you can see the job the Sri-Lankans did. More of them later. (SRB, not Sri Lankans.)

Splintered Light Sub-Roman Brits

I recently bought the much acclaimed Sub-Roman Brits from Splintered Light Miniatures. Unfortunately there just wasn't enough time to paint the 32 spears so I had them done in Sri Lanka, except I told them I wanted to do the shields. (THey did a good job as usual.) I wanted them to look decidedly late Roman and used the Notitia Dignitatum as a basis for many of the shields. I don't care that some were used in Africa, Italy and Gaul, I just wanted ones I liked and wanted to portray the army as trying to keep the Roman traditions alive. I added some Christian symbols and purposely tried to make some look like the soldiers themselves had added it over existing Roman patterns.

I did paint all the cavalry myself, including King Arthur's Madonna and Child shield. The figs are awesome as you can see. Sorry, the photos are from my camera and not the best.

Here's King Arthur and his famous heavy cavalry.

The shield wall.