Friday, October 3, 2008

DBA Battle, Part 2

The venerable, inestimable, and all around good guy, John Brock smiles impishly as he plots my DOOM!Here you can see the bad position in which I put myself. My Spear and Bow caught with nary a PIP as I have to use them all to control my center. You can see John's Knightly contingent in the center ready to pounce. To the left is his Psiloi supported Spear wall, and between are the brave volunteer Bows who did muck things up quite a bit until my general had had enough and charged them and trampled them to minced meat. Note also how I fouled up my line further by getting a cavalry stuck behind the Bows. So much for my left maneuver element! At this point I was down 0-2 after bad things happened when elephants recoil!The usually unperturbable Mr. Brock does his best Captain Queeg as he frantically searches for answers to the dilemma facing him.

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