Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Russians vs Hungarians or That's MY Goulash! Pt.1

This Monday, January 12th, 2009, Rich Baier and Larry Chaban met me at Legions Hobby and Games for a few games of DBA. Rich brought his newly arrived (from Sri Lanka) Hungarians. Beautiful looking army. I faced him with my Post-Mongol Russians. It was a slugfest as neither one of us could roll over a two for about half the game. At one point I had a 2-0 advantage, with the door closed, for two bounds and couldn't kill the element! But Rich always plays well and as the dice turned, so did the Russians fortunes.
Next, I played Larry with borrowed Greek armies. I think I was Athens. I'm not sure who he was and the game didn't last long enough for pictures as the two spear walls clashed I rolled 5 consecutive 6's!!!!! Gloating never tasted so good. Then we played a game of ECW DBA with the Extension rules. My Royalists again bested Chaban's Roundheads in a learning game. Still, I will be hard pressed not to let Larry forget I beat him twice in one night. Of course he was vey gracious as you see in the last photograph. Here you see a picture of my Russians.

The Hungarians come to Pittsburgh via Sri Lanka.
The battle line approach each other. I think I surprised Rich when I went staright in.

My left who must have been fighting with fungo bats vs. Hungarian steel. (Check out the die rolls.) Double overlap, opponent rolls a 1. So do I. Must have been a major prick in a previous life.

Battle is joined! Looks cool, huh?

Hungarians vs. Russians or That's MY Goulash! Pt. 2

The Russians push in the center as the Hungarian general surges forward!
From the Russian left. A double overlap on some Hungarian blades. Geuss who won? The fight in the center rages.
From above, no one in contact!

The Russian right. War wagon vs. war wagon! The Hungarinas would claim the goulash this day as the Russians insisted that 1's were better than 6's.

ECW 1/12/09 Part 1

Parliament's forces. Here you can see some Lobsters with dragoons in support, Essex's orange flank the artillery.

Royalist cavaliers with dragoons on their right prepare scatter the Rounhead left.

The King's left flank, with his own Kn element of the King's Lifeguard.

The flanks commit to battle! The brave Parliamentarian musketeers face the Lifeguard.
Oxford regiments hold strong in the center. Always for King and country! (Chosen by God!)

ECW 1/12/09 Part 2

Parliament's Pistols expose their backs to the Royalist artillery. Buh-bye.

A look down the lines as the Royalists defend along the Wash Hill Rd.

What the Rounheads saw! The King's forces mopped up and took possession of the field.

Why I paint all those little guys. It is so worth it for moments like these. Thanks Larry.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

English Civil War Part 1

This was our first attempt to adapt the Humberside Extension for DBA into the ECW. We decided to keep the terrain simple and placed a gentle hill in the center with a road running through it, so we could concentrate on getting the mechanics right. Here you see the set-up from behind the Royalist lines. Rupert's horse with the Lifeguard on the left, an artillery piece in the center with pike and shot to storm the hill, then dragoons and another unit of horse on the far right. Across the field lie the rebels. Their lobsters on their right, pike and shot in the center then a culvern, some dragoons and skirmishers.

The Royalists got the first bound and raced for the hill, using the road to get that saker in position. The rebels advanced, leaving an alley for their artillery to fire upon those who hadn't broke faith with the King. (Annointed by God, no less.

A look at the crew sighting in their gun. Not surprising, it never fired a shot as the rebels were to craven to top the crest of the hill.

Here you see Parliament's best bravely waiting at the bottom of the hill.

The King's Lifeguard and Rupert's own survey the field. Heselrige and his antiquated pony-boys hover out of sight. (To the sound of chicken noises.)

English Civil War Part 2

The unit that turned out to be the heroes: my Royalist Dragoons. They were the catalyst in taking out three of the four Parliamentarian elements. One by forcing it to recoil into friends and two others by closing the door.

The Royalist forces have seized the high ground in the center of the field. Parliament's horse prepares to face off against the cavaliers of the King!

Here you can see my indominatable dragoons in action. They fired on the opposing dragoons who couldn't recoil, then came in to close the door on the skirmishers. Next turn they wheeled and took that element of shot in the flank while the pikes hit them in front. 3 elements down and 3 awards for the dragoons' colors!

Here you can see how those dragoons emptied the field of rebels! The last element of Essex's shot on the hill is not long for this world.

English Civil War Part 3

Struggle for the hill continues! A look from behind the rebels' lines at Oxford and Appleyards troops.
Those mighty dragoons close in for the kill on the Parliamentarian skirmishers.
The deed is done and may all rebels go straight to hell for their efforts!

The final position on the Royalist left. Prince Rupert's cavaliers have pushed back the Lobsters; may they run all the way back to London with their tails between their legs like the cur that they are!