Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big Battle DBA, Yuan Chinese vs. Persians, Part II

The lines close. The bad guys had a few aux in the center woods who wreaked havoc on Alan on both sides of the wood. I believe it was here that we realized we were Fucked, with a capital 'F'. No, I lie, we knew long before this.

My light troops are somehow doing their job; that is, they are breaking up the Chinese attack as they peel off element after element to deal with the Persian Pains in the Asses. I have gotten so bold as to move my auxilia into the open. I was also about here that our PIP dice dried up like George Hamilton's face. At the same time Jim rolled 6-6-4, 6-5-4, 6-6-4, in consecutive bounds for PIPs.

This was a shot I took to demonstrate the SuperMacro on my camera to Alan and ended being a cool shot of his camp and camp followers. Nice pants dude.

There's a whole bunch of Chinese, but isn't there always? Alan has kinked his line in an effort to be as big a prick as possible. (Alright, I told him to do so; the very first time anyone has ever used 'big' and 'prick' in the same sentence about me.)

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