Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big Battle DBA, Yuan Chinese vs. Persians, Part III

The best shot of the night: Alan's chariots and cavalry look just as good, if not better in person.

The Chinese cavalry ready themselves to join the fray. Meanwhile my auxilia are about to make holes in the Bw and send them to the sidelines. Alan has kinked the end of his spear line to meet up with my idiots...err, brave light troops.

The Yuan charge home. Believe it or not, those Ps whacked those Cav! I am pretty sure that is the first time I have ever done that! I know the odds are not that high, especially with the overlap, but you actually have to roll higher than your opponent! What an odd feeling to do so.

The final positions, except Jim started cleaning up a bit. At least this was how it ended on my end. You can see the 4 dead elements in front of Rich and how our forces are winning this end of the battle. While we knew there was no way to beat the dynamic duo of Rich and Jim, one thought kept us going: at least we didn't have to play Larry.

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