Monday, March 1, 2010

DBR Papal Condotta vs. Imperial Spanish, the beginning.

I met the inestimable Jim Naughton at Legions Hobby and Games for a 500 point game of DBR, March 1. 2010. Jim is a great opponent who beats my ass like I owe him money, but always does so with a smile and keeps me coming back for more. Tonight's battle pitted Jim's Imperial Spanish vs. my Papal Italian Condotta circa the first quarter of the 16th century. Here's a shot of Jim before his impressive forces. His armies are always meticulously researched and nicely painted and always a pleasure to see on the tabletop. (Even when they are crushing me.)

A look down the Spanish line.

A look down the Papist line.

The initial set-up, or most of it, an aerial view. Jim has his forces anchored on a gentle hill with his shot and pike extending to his center and his one artillery piece anchoring the line. His mobile command is in column to the top left. He has another smaller mobile command with mostly light horse in the center and some skirmishers and peasant rabble on the right. I suspect there is an ambush in the olive groves to the left and set up a little toward the center and place a few bow and blade to counter it. My heavy cavalry (lancers) make up the bulk of my attack wing and intend to hit his foot and blow through them, my own foot, in the center, will hit what is left while they themselves are still fresh. My right will give ground, but essentially stay alive and not initiate combat. I should have started my lancers closer to the center as this set-up proved to be badly flawed as the inevitable ambush materialized and his mobile command threatened to take me in the flank. I had to wheel away and then back to get into postion to launch the charge.

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