Monday, March 1, 2010

DBR Papal Condotta vs. Imperial Spanish, the middle.

A shot of Jim's Spanish foot, pike and shot.

I try to wheel away from the ambush that Jim springs from the olive groves on my left. I knew he would probably do so but the troops I sent to deal with it were far too few and they were quickly dispatched. My lancers' charge is delayed, but no fear because when they charge home, the Spanish will turn tail like the cur they are! My light horse in the center are positioned to go either way and to hold some of Jim's troops in place, especially his other cavalry in his center rear. My foot in the center is intended to mop up what the lancers leave behind.

A view over the shoulder of my strike force at the Spanish.

The right side of my line. Here is where I made yet another large mistake. As this was the most fragile command, they were initially meant to only delay Jim's left and avoid combat if possible. However it became clear to me too late that a) Jim didn't want a fight on this flank either, and b) I had the advantage in numbers and quality of troops. I wasted blades and pike and bow here. I started them moving forward but they never got there...

I finally hold off the ambush (albeit temporarily) and line up for the kill! Look out, this game is all but over. Charge!!!!!

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