Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big Battle DBA, Yuan Chinese vs. Persians, Part I

Played a game of Big Battle DBA Monday night. There were 4 of us with 3 armies, and after much discussion, crying, swearing and gnashing of teeth, it was decided Jim and Rich would general Yuan Chinese and take on Alan and I with Alan's Persians. It was a pleasure to see so many nicely painted elements on the table. Alan's Persians are simply beautiful. Here Rich (l) and Jim prepare to take us like Turkish merchant marines on their maiden voyage!

Jim's beautiful Chinese. Their evil plan was to contact us, then roll dice! Bastards!

My pussyfoots enter the woods on our far left. Their objective was to disrupt Rich's attack as much as possible and help save our center. With only 9 elements and 6 of them Ps, we had our work cut out for us. The guy with the red ring is the famous Persian general, Leadsfrombehind.

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