Monday, March 1, 2010

DBR Papal Condotta vs. Imperial Spanish, the end

Finally, the lancers crash into the Spanish lines! You can see the Papal foot forces slogging towards the Spanish to support the charge.

Another view of the melee as the Papists crash into the heretics. Soon there will be nothing left of the Spanish as God himself gives us the strength to hew them down where they stand.
Uh... maybe not. I forgot that this game requires rolling dice. Here is a shot of the lone lancer that won combat. The Spanish stood strong and the Pope's troops melted away.

The result of the big charge I played the whole game to set up and execute. 9 dead stands of lancers. Hoo boy.

The final positions of the end of the board that mattered. If you look closely, you may be able to pick out one or two stands of Papal troops. As usual, it was a pleasure to be beaten like a rented mule by Jim, who does so with a friendly smile and plenty of good advice on how to counter what he is doing. Never let it be said he isn't a great sport! Seriously, Jim is an old grognard who can beat your ass in any strategy you choose to use. He's seen and beat them all. Kudo's to him once again. A fun game that was close until we actually started.

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