Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fure & Fury: Rodes' Attack 1:30pm July 1, 1863 Part 1

Today, the incomparable John Brock came to my place for a game of Fire & Fury ACW game. We chose a scenario based on Rodes' Attack towards Gettysburg on July 1st, the first day of the battle. The attack was launched around 1:30pm after a lull in the fighting that had started that morning when Heth and Pender first met Federal troops to the northwest of the town. Rodes' division of Ewell's Corps was ordered to push the Federals back and take the high ground south of town. In this scenario, the Confederates are trying to take the first part of their objective by clearing out Will's Woods on McPherson's Ridge. The Union forces are trying to maintain some sort of battle line north of town. Each side could earn a possible 5VP's for control of the woods in addition to the normal VP's for causing brigades to become 'Worn' or 'Spent'.

Rodes' view from behing Willoughby Run looking toward Will's Woods in the distance.

Meredith's brigade atop McPherson's Ridge.

Overall Federal commander Doubleday. Do you think it days like this that made him think about baseball?

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