Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fure & Fury: Rodes' Attack 1:30pm July 1, 1863 Part 2

The view from Gettysburg down the unfinished railroad cut. McPehrson's Ridge and Will's Woods in center right. The northern mosr spur of Seminary Ridge is center left with the RR cut separating them. What's that noise? Is Jenny Wade 'baking bread' again?

A view looking towards the northeast and the Federal positions. Along the southern portion of McPherson's Ridge are Meredith and Stones'
brigades. They would play little part in today's battle as thier orders kept them focusing on the east and the rest of the Confederate army.
Another look at Meredith and Stone.

1:30pm. A view from behind Rodes' position on Oak Hill. The attack is launched!

1:30pm. Doles and O'Neal move toward Amsberg's brigade west of the Mummasberg Road. If they can drive the Federals in front of them off they can enfilade the bluecoats in the woods.

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