Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DBR: Scots Covenanters vs. Low Country Spanish Part IV

Another overview of the battle. On the Scottish right, the cavalry battle rages as my Pistols got really lucky against Jim's lancers and now need just one more element to break his command. I learned long ago, that it is OK to be lucky! The artillery park is miraculously still holding on. On the left of the hill you can see where an entire file of 4 pikes have had to retreat to avoid dying of the peeled off shot have to recoil into their flank. It further complicates where my reinforcing shot can get to. A classic example of starting to peel away the flanks of a pike and shot line and further proof of the shitty starting positions of my artillery. (But we knew that.) As it turned out, the situation stabilized and it didn't really end up hurting me too much.

The Scottish left as the battle reaches it's climactic moments. The Spanish cavalry has now formed for the charge as the Scottish artillery is finally gone. A terrible waste of points they were, because I squandered them, yet, this was by far the best luck I have ever had with artillery as they punched several holes in the Spanish lines.

The Scots Pistols on their right engage the Spanish general of that command by running through the lines and getting an element in his rear (how the Spanish like it), and another in the front (how the Scots like it). If they can kill him, the Spanish command will break and the game will be even. The fight on the hill rages and PIPS are spent to realign the shot and further disrupt the Spanish line. On the far left, 1 PIP is spent to back up the last Scottish lancer so he doesn't die when the shot inevitably recoils. Really high PIP scores helped me be mobile almost the entire game.

The final positions. The Scots are still firmly entrenched on the center hill and the Scottish attempt to whack the Spanish general on the right has failed, dooming the Blue Bonnets to a narrow defeat. Had they been able to finish off the Spanish general it would have been a draw. I feel the left was going to be OK, especially with the Shot and Highlander Warbands coming to the rescue, and the hill was going to be a tough nut to crack. From this point on it was going to be a fight of attrition.
All in all, I really liked the army and how it worked. Next time, I won't organize it at 2:30am when I can't sleep and spread out the cavalry and artillery as it should be. I am looking forward to trying it again.

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