Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fure & Fury: Rodes' Attack 1:30pm July 1, 1863 Part 4

3:00 pm, the second assault on Will's Woods begins. Led by Ramseur's, Daniel's and Davis' brigades, the Federals are hard pressed under the crush of Confederate numbers. Daniel's brigade is Disordered and Low Ammo and Davis' is worn but so are Cutler and Baxter for the boys in blue.

Over the wall and at 'em. After a Tardy start, Davis' brigade joins the fray.

The sheer crush of numbers and the added insult of a second 'Breakthrough' charge clears the woods of Fedreal troops. Off they skedaddle to the higher ground south of Gettysburg.

Ramseur's and Iverson's Brigades sweep past the former Federal positions.

The view from Gettysburg as Cutler's brigade as fled the field and Baxter's is Spent, Disordered and Low Ammo. Rebels pour out of the woods. At this point we decided there was not much use in continuing. The Federals still had 3 brigades that were Fresh but VP's were too much in the Rebs' favor. Even had they managed to contest the woods again it was a done deal.
It was a fun scenario even if it seemed to favor the CSA. We had a good time and discussed combining this scenario with the one for Barlow's (Blocher's) Knoll. It would extend the map by 2 feet to the Northeast of Gettysburg and may make for an entertaining afternoon. Thanks John for a great afternoon.

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