Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Samurai vs. the Fu Manchu 5. Part 2

The samurai cavalry finally prepares to charge after multiple recoils caused by the Chinese gun line visible upper right center.

The same Samurai, but this shot shows yet another Chinese cavalry command to their left. These guys breed like... well, Chinese!

The lines clash! This view is from behind Japanese lines.

Same fight from behind Chinese lines. It was a last ditch effort as the Chinese spanked the samurai. The samurai had the most success on their right, the flank they were not supposed to attack with, while their large left attack flank was constantly harrassed by the Chinese guns and fragmented to the point of impotence before contact! (Sounds like marraige.) No way Jim was going to let me get two wins in a row with this army. Lots of fun and very visually appealing as his armies always look good.

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