Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Normans vs. Italian Lombards Part Deux

A Look at Kevin's Arab allies. They were Reliable, damn them! Damn them all to hell! Wait, wrong Chuck Heston movie, this is The Warlord, not Planet of the Apes.

A look from behind Kevin's Norman knight line across the field at the massed Lombard militia.

Here is a good look at the swirling melee between the Norman and Lombard Irregular Knights (F), all impetuous, all the time! You can see backs and fronts of guys as they see-sawed back and forth. My dice were better.

Here my Lombards double overlap some Frenchies while they themselves are overlapped. It happens that way when knights fight knights.

What's left of a once great melee. Most of my boys had run past the action to crash into the hapless bowmen and Norman hordes who were protecting the baggage. (Didn't they ever watch Henry V?) It was a Lombard victory by the slightest of margins, due to good luck. I am learning not to feel guilty when I have good luck. Sister Marsha is rolling in her grave but I won't go to confession over it!
It was just a 'learning' game anyway as we are new to the rules. We each made and forgave some errors as we tried to grapple with some of the more intricate manifestations of 'impetuous' troops and 'spontaneous advances'. Deemed a success by this reporter, I anticipate playing it again.

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