Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Normans vs. Italian Lombards Part Une

Kevin Serafini and I met at Legions Hobby and Games for a 400 point DBM battle pitting his Normans vs. my Italian Lombards in Sicily circa 1000AD. Here is the initial set-up. Kevin has three Norman commands and an allied Arab command on his left. I have the typical 3 commands; a large and mobile attack force on my left and two largely defensive commands made up of militia spear. My line is refused right and anchored in a marsh.

A look from behind my extreme right over the shoulders of my mobile strike force stationed there to exploit any holes.

The center of my left wing, my attack force looks across the field towards the nasty Normans.

A similar shot from behind the Lombard lines! By the White Christ, there is a lot of the enemy!

A look at Kevin's knights. It is an impressive army, both in numbers and appearance. Kevin's armies always look good on the table top which really adds to the experience!

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