Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Samurai vs. the Fu Manchu 5. Part 1

Got together with Jim Naughton to play a 500 point DBR game pitting my Samurai vs, his Manchu Chinese. This shot shows his CinC anchoring the far left of his line. Interestingly enough *my* CinC was leading my left as well and the two never laid eyes on each other.

A look at the advancing Samurai from behind the right of the Chinese line. His guns are in the center-right which caused major problems for my attack wing.
Some skirmishing light horse attempt to slow the Japanese advance.

Samurai blades and bows eye the Chinese CinC. He did come off the hill and barely escaped with his life as the rest of the cavalry in his command was slaughtered or fled! Luckily his foot contingent kept the whole command from demoralizing.

A view of the Japanese as they sweep towards their Chinese counterparts!

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tim said...

Wow! What a great looking battle! So colourful!