Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DBR: Scots Covenanters vs. Low Country Spanish Part III

The main Spanish battle line approach the Scots. A better shot of my set-up fuck up. The few shot and the command general of the artillery have peeled off the artillery park to act as a speed bump while the reinforcing lancers and dragoons get into position.
The second line of shot have also formed column to march to the idiot general's aid.

The highlander warbands emerge from their ambush in the woods. Woefully out of position, they try to haul ass and also support the crumbling left flank.

On the Scottish right, the pistols form up double rank for the support it provides even though it may not help them against the Spanish lancers. The Spanish light horse are breaking up and fleeing due to withering and relentless Scot shot.

The Scottish lancers and dragoons deploy in line to repel the inevitable cavalry charge after the artillery park gets overrun.

A look through the Scottish pike at the approaching Spanish.

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