Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Russians vs Hungarians or That's MY Goulash! Pt.1

This Monday, January 12th, 2009, Rich Baier and Larry Chaban met me at Legions Hobby and Games for a few games of DBA. Rich brought his newly arrived (from Sri Lanka) Hungarians. Beautiful looking army. I faced him with my Post-Mongol Russians. It was a slugfest as neither one of us could roll over a two for about half the game. At one point I had a 2-0 advantage, with the door closed, for two bounds and couldn't kill the element! But Rich always plays well and as the dice turned, so did the Russians fortunes.
Next, I played Larry with borrowed Greek armies. I think I was Athens. I'm not sure who he was and the game didn't last long enough for pictures as the two spear walls clashed I rolled 5 consecutive 6's!!!!! Gloating never tasted so good. Then we played a game of ECW DBA with the Extension rules. My Royalists again bested Chaban's Roundheads in a learning game. Still, I will be hard pressed not to let Larry forget I beat him twice in one night. Of course he was vey gracious as you see in the last photograph. Here you see a picture of my Russians.

The Hungarians come to Pittsburgh via Sri Lanka.
The battle line approach each other. I think I surprised Rich when I went staright in.

My left who must have been fighting with fungo bats vs. Hungarian steel. (Check out the die rolls.) Double overlap, opponent rolls a 1. So do I. Must have been a major prick in a previous life.

Battle is joined! Looks cool, huh?

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