Tuesday, January 6, 2009

English Civil War Part 1

This was our first attempt to adapt the Humberside Extension for DBA into the ECW. We decided to keep the terrain simple and placed a gentle hill in the center with a road running through it, so we could concentrate on getting the mechanics right. Here you see the set-up from behind the Royalist lines. Rupert's horse with the Lifeguard on the left, an artillery piece in the center with pike and shot to storm the hill, then dragoons and another unit of horse on the far right. Across the field lie the rebels. Their lobsters on their right, pike and shot in the center then a culvern, some dragoons and skirmishers.

The Royalists got the first bound and raced for the hill, using the road to get that saker in position. The rebels advanced, leaving an alley for their artillery to fire upon those who hadn't broke faith with the King. (Annointed by God, no less.

A look at the crew sighting in their gun. Not surprising, it never fired a shot as the rebels were to craven to top the crest of the hill.

Here you see Parliament's best bravely waiting at the bottom of the hill.

The King's Lifeguard and Rupert's own survey the field. Heselrige and his antiquated pony-boys hover out of sight. (To the sound of chicken noises.)

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