Tuesday, January 6, 2009

English Civil War Part 2

The unit that turned out to be the heroes: my Royalist Dragoons. They were the catalyst in taking out three of the four Parliamentarian elements. One by forcing it to recoil into friends and two others by closing the door.

The Royalist forces have seized the high ground in the center of the field. Parliament's horse prepares to face off against the cavaliers of the King!

Here you can see my indominatable dragoons in action. They fired on the opposing dragoons who couldn't recoil, then came in to close the door on the skirmishers. Next turn they wheeled and took that element of shot in the flank while the pikes hit them in front. 3 elements down and 3 awards for the dragoons' colors!

Here you can see how those dragoons emptied the field of rebels! The last element of Essex's shot on the hill is not long for this world.

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