Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tally Ho lads! We'll be behind shedyule!

The astute observer may recognize the fellow on the left, even though he is out of focus: he's the vicar who was diving for his communion set in the movie 'The Longest Day'. The chap on the right is leading the charge with his umbrella, you know, stiff upper lip, there's a good gentleman. What?

Obviously these are my British Airborne whom I have been fascinated with for quite some time. I have lots, these are but a few, I will get more of them on here sometime.

British Airborne: a 6pdr and jeep, a Vickers HMG in the foreground and a few of the Red Devils
German Pioniers make their way through rubble strewn streets. There's a Goliath and a Flame Thrower and a few MG34's.
Close up of the Pioniers. Maybe I'm learning to use the damn camera after all.
And who doesn't like bikers?
Soviets in the rear and Fallschirmjeager up front.

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