Sunday, September 7, 2008

For a little change of pace, here's some WW2 vehicles. Most of these mini's were purchased for
the Flames of War system. However I soon realized two things about that game. 1. It's a very good and clean system that works very well. 2. It has nothing to do with WW2 or WW2 combat. It's unfortunate for me because I need a game to 'feel' right. I need to be faced with the same decisions as a commander from the period I am playing or I lose interest in the game real, real fast. Let's face it, while the system works very well, FoW is still Warhammer 40K with WW2 equipment.

It still serves it's purpose though as I believe it draws people into historical wargaming from the fantasy side/science fiction side.

Since I stopped playing FoW, I started with Rapid Fire. IMO, a great tactical game that is simple but not simplistic, and the big kicker for me; provides reasonable results. No more lining up my tanks fender to fender, and having to buy 6 guns to be able to field a unit. The game has realistic scenarios based on history so if one side had *one* tank, then that player gets *one* tank.

Just about everything is taken into consideration so there are rules for everything from dogfights over the battlefield to naval bombardments and everything in between.

Look for a few more posts featuring my WW2 minis.
The picture above is of a British Sherman ad Firefly with D-Day markings.
On the left 2 German Wespes and Soviet SU76's on the right. Always had a soft spot for SPG's.
Soviet SU85, cool, huh?
Soviet T-34, along with the German MkIV, the two AFV's that just say 'tank' to me.

The big cat, the German MkVI Tiger.

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