Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here's some German Wermacht. Again there's lots of these guys, these are just a few examples of a few guys. Really, there's lots.
One thing that annoys me is that when I first started down the slippery slope into WW2 mini's, someone at the local game store asked me what army I was building. When I replied 'Germans', he rolled his eyes, like I was another Naziphile or something. The fact is, you can't really fight WW2 without the Germans. I got the same reaction when I started building a French Napoleonic army. "Everyone wants to be the French", not exactly. It would be pretty hard to wargame the NAPOLEONIC period without NAPOLEON. Thank you.
Back to the future: Here's some German MG42's. I enjoy being able to make a little diorama out of each base. If you look closely, you'll see the 'logs' some of these Germans are hiding behind are tiny sticks fom my backyard.
Here's a shot of some Fallshirmjeager. These guys look really cool on the tabletop.
Here's a shot of various IJA soldiers. In the foreground is the ubiquitous 70mm battalion gun and though you can't see it very well there's a 75mm mountain gun in the back next to the Type 95 Ha Go. I'll have to get better pictures of both. The rest are PBI. As with the Indians, I have HMG and 81mm mortar groups that are still only primered or still in the package. Got too much to do, but I'll get it all done.

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