Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Somewhere in Belgium, 1815, part 2

The French right wing, emboldened by the success of the legere ready themselves for the charge. But it was no Kellerman who lead them this night and they are trapped against the wood.

The French right wing. The Light Infantry has taken the hill top and closed the door on the Hannoverians. It looks like the French will easily take the hill and the victory! The French skirmishing cavalry ready themselves for the breakout of the French cavalry.

Uh, oh. The light infantry rolled two 1's in combat and lost the hilltop and all three stands to superior British/German musketry and allows the KGL light cavalry to make easy work of the skirmishing French Hussars. Never trust the infantry. (Or dice!)

The Hannoverians polished off the French leger and engage the French artillery. The right wing becomes a broken command. The only chance left is a human wave against the English center. Hey, that sounds kinda familiar.

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