Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Somewhere in Belgium, 1815, part 1

Last night, the Diceman and myself sat down to a 24 point DBN game pitting the 1815 French against the English with some German allies. Here you see the inital set-up with Rich's Thin Red Line on the right. You may notice the English leaders look decidedly Prussian.

A close up of the English left cavalry wing. You can see some KGL and Hussars, and also some heavy dragoons and Horse Artillery.

After some initial French success on their far left, (artillery taking out the Brunswick Uhlans), the English move doggedly forward to get the high ground on their left.

The French legere get there first and pour fire into the Nassauers and Hannoverian allies. Rich brings up the vaunted 95th Rifles to their support, and things look good for the French.

The Guard Chasseur a Cheval charge into the fray in support of the light infantry. The 95th is surprised and cannot form square and are therefore Unprepared! Unable to flee they are run down and the Chasseurs elect not to pursue. The Nassauers are whacked also and the French seem to be controlling the high ground and the tempo!

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