Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Saga: Vikings vs. Anglo-Danes v2

I soloed a game of Saga the other night to get a better feel for some of the mechanics of the game and also because I was too lazy to put away the terrain from last week, so it was still on the table. I also wanted to use my old phone which has a much better camera and I wanted to see better pictures of my shit, stuff. I won't go into great detail as this exercise is mostly for looking at cool mini's but I'll provide a little commentary. They aren't the greatest painted and I ain't the greatest photographer but hope you enjoy. 

The set up. 6 points per side. The Anglo-Danes are in the foreground and the Vikings on the far side. Same OoB's as last time except the Viking's berserkers were converted into regular Hearthguard.

The Anglo-Dane warlord, AEthelpussy, hides behind the barn.

The Viking warlord, Hengist the Hung, and his bodyguards prepare to tear some shit up.

More Vikings.

Thor's hammer, still *more* of the Norsemen, including a unit of 8 warriors and another of 4 Hearthguard.

The pride of Angle Land: the A-D's large Hearthguard unit. Their story of ultimate pussy-hood will be told later in this Saga.

Anglo-Dane warriors wishing they were knee deep in Anglo-Danish pawgs.

The warlord's hearthguard bannerman.

Vikings are sneaky.

Viking hearthguard wreck the Anglo levies, wiping out 8 of 12 on the first turn.



The Anglo-Danes swung to their left and tried to outnumber the viking right. It seemed like a sound strategy. And then they were forced to roll dice.

End of turn one. The Vikings are aggressive in the center while the A-D try to make something happen on their left. The units on the A-D right are admiring each other from afar.

4 Hearthguard, 8 warriors and the Warlord vs. 4 Levy. Hmmm...

The Anglo-Dane plan starts to unravel as the viking levies take out 3 dudes in that warrior unit with sling bullets.

The Big Unit of HG smacks their little viking counterpart, whacking all but one. Oh, but what a tale he will tell.

Warrior vs warrior. This time the vikings are victorious and force the A-D back.

But their Hearthguard come to the rescue and do some heavy damage, hitting the vikings like they owed them money.

The A-D's charge into the woods despite their losses from sling fire. Alas, they are wiped out to a man.

The vikings, their blood lust kindled, charge out and hack AEthelpussy into bite size chunks and pack him up in 'to go' bags. With no one to take the fall for him, it was over quickly.

Suddenly the A-D massed assault on their left was only 4 Hearthguard facing 4 units of Vikings and their warlord. Gulp...

The vikings are whittled down but still generating Saga dice! Meanwhile the Anglo-Danes lost 3 of 6 on the other side of the battlefield!

Uh oh.

The viking levies strike again! Attempting to reinforce their left, the A-D's tried to move that unit of warriors over only to lose 3 guys to shooting!

And now the Saga be told! The lone viking HG backs up and uses the A-D fatigue to slow them down, making them waste an activation to reach him. A last act of defiance, right?

Finally they pile in. 14 attacks to his two. He was very brave. But what's this? Needing 6's to hit they only get two... and he saves them both!!!!!

Then he hits with both his attacks and they fail both!!!!! Hahaha! Soon to be a Warlord in his own right; this guy fought off seven hearthguard and slew two of them!!!! Surely, he will be remembered in the Sagas.

Final positions. 3 turns. A lone HG bannerman remains and methinks that the unit of A-D warriors will be munched like so much breakfast cereal. Plus if I quit now, that viking HG survives to become a Warlord. (In  my mind anyway.)

A bad day for someone.

How exactly do you say 'fucked' in Anglo-Dane?

It was a fun game. I used fatigue to slow people down *a lot*. It required multiple activations to get troops into melee. Not sure if that's a good strategy or not but I had fun. Plus my old phone still works and takes much better pictures. Bully for me.

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