Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A bit of the old DBA.

Played 3 games of DBA, Dark Ages style, last night with Joe Dragovich, the winner of our Stooge -Con Open tourney. Joe had some beautifully painted Scots-Irish and Viking armies, so I brought Vikings, Wends and my new Sub-Roman Brits. We ended up playing three game with 2 out of the three being real nail-biters which we split. The other game was a disastrous littoral landing where his entire landing force was wiped out. The game Joe did win, he won without his general for the last 4 bounds and won 4G-3G!
His armies are beautifully painted and he was selling them as he is leaving for Durham University this fall. I say 'was' because the Scots-Irish are already taken and I had to jump on those beautiful vikings.
Anyway, all I had was my phone, so these aren't the greatest pictures and there's no putting together a meaningful AAR with the few I took. Hope you enjoy anyway. Here Joe contemplates my doom!

A close-up of the gorgeous Scots-Irish chariot wing.

The ill-fated auxilia landing on a lovely Norse beach. A lesson learned. Aux vs. Blade = Bad. (We played 2 out of 3 games with littoral armies and both times the sea was directly in my backfield and those were the two games I won. Goofy game.)

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