Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Command Decison: Mortain Part 2

The command Panther with his wing man on the hill. From that vantage point the Panther was able to dominate the battlefield, being able to see over all the intervening bocage. He turned the American bowels liquid.

The view of the King of the Hill. Some Americans made the mistake of 'being seen'. The system is unforgiving, so many lessons were learned today.

German PanzerGrenadier coys move through the fields to eventually pour fire into the American center and left. Note the significantly less American elements in the field that the Panther had a LOS into. Big Brother is watching (and has a big gun!)

It's on! Close combat in the woods. The German element with grass that is in contact with the Americans was KIA'd. The good news is that when they were killed, it opened up a LOS to the two stands in back, one of which sports a MG. The fight wasn't concluded but both sides had bloody noses to be sure.

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