Friday, April 17, 2009

DBR Part I

I played my first game of DBR (De Bellis Renationis) last week against good friend Jim Naughton. Jim is an old grognard and was teaching me the finer points of the game (and absolutely kicking my ass.) I played English Civil War Royalists and Jim played Neoplitan Spanish. Rich Baier ran my cavalry wings. This is a shot of the inital set-up. We are cramped within the set-up areas and have to spread out with our opening PIPs. I have a solid pike and shot center with 2 cavalry wings. It turns out I should have added some foot sloggers to the wings to bolster their ME equivalant.

Here's a shot of the Spanish center, a massive gun line supported by plenty of pike and shot and even some wild blades and warbands.

A look at the English.

From behind the English lines. There's a lot of Spanish out there.

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